Little Lakes Memories PayPal Donation Page

Make check payable to Little Lakes Memories Inc. Send to Incredible Bank 3210 East Main Street Merrill Wi. 54452



  We are all non-paid volunteers and all fund raising efforts and donations go towards our Disabled Vet and Youths

 Please give generously, any amount will be appreciated . Please help keep our hunts and respite going

·    Instill/re-vitalize a feeling of accomplishment in people who would otherwise be unable to successfully participate in hunting.

·    Provide the same rewarding of emotions for people who do not wish to hunt or kill wildlife but would rather observe, learn and photograph.

·    The inclusion of family/caretakers in all activities provides for a lifetime of discussions and memories.

·    The inclusion of family/caretakers will most often result in a period of respite for the caregivers of severely disabled people.

     Offering these opportunities at no cost allows the financially challenged families to be able to participate