Little Lakes Memories, Inc

Non-Profit Organization Providing Lodging, Recreation, Hunting to Physically Challenged Individuals


603/17/2020After much discussion and deliberation, Little Lakes Memories has decided to postpone our annual banquet scheduled for March 28. The new Banquet date is set for September 26, 2020. Same times, same place. We are doing this in respect to all our supporters and banquet attendees – past and present. For those of you who have purchased tickets, we are offering the following options? 1. You can do nothing and your reservation will be locked in for the new Banquet date of September 26, 2020. We will assume this is your choice if you do not notify us otherwise by April 15, 2020. 2. If you choose option 1, your reservation will be transferable to another person in the event you find you cannot attend September 26. This is always the case with Little Lakes Memories banquet tickets. 3. You are welcome to receive a full refund by indication to us that you choose this option by April 15, 2020. After April 15, we will assume your reservation is locked in. 4. You may donate your ticket to Little Lakes Memories. We fully intend to keep operating and providing all services that can be done prudently through out the coming summer. If you wish to contribute to that effort and not attend a banquet – please choose this option. Please review these 4 options and speak with the person you purchased your ticket from before April 15, 2020. One additional thing has been authorized by the Little Lakes Memories Board of Directors. - Anyone having a locked in reservation will be included in a special drawing for a major door prize once per month beginning April 16, 2020 and again on May 15, 2020, June 15 2020, July 15, 2020 and August 15, 2020. We understand the current upset and frustration in our world and wish to provide a little something extra for people to look forward to between now and September 26, 2020. We thank you for your continued support of Little Lakes Memories during these difficult and frustrating times. Sincerely, Little Lakes Memories Board of Directors W5097 Winkelman Ave. Irma, Wi 54442 (715) 218-1522
592/20/2020Tickets on sale for our banquet on March 28th Come and meet Miss Wisconsin If interested in tickets you can contact Dick Busha 715-218-1522 or Stanley Nowak at 715-297-5070
587/18/20192019 Badges and Bullseyes A great time was had last Friday at the Little Lakes Memories property. We had a great time making new friends and learning how to shoot compound bows safely with one-on-one mentored assistance provided to our special guests. We would like to thank all of the volunteers but especially the Little Lakes Memories family for their hospitality, their time, and their mission. We would also very much like to thank Ballyhoos for donating 20 pizzas and desserts in order to provide dinner for everyone and their family. Thank you to all of our donors for making these experiences possible.
577/12/2019A nice note from the Special Olympics organization
565/13/2019Little Lakes Memories presenting a check for 5,400.00 to the Special Olympics.
553/27/2019Jerry Burnett is accepting a generous $1000.00 donation from the Merrill Walmart. Thank You
542/27/2019Sam and Ashton received their trophy mounts at Battle on the bago on Saturday Feb 23. The two youths hunted with Little Lakes Memories last fall.
5311/11/2018 Had a powerchair donated with the request of finding a deserving disabled Veteran. He picked it up today on Veterans day of all days. How appropriate. Herb is from the Ashland area.
517/27/2018Cops and Bobbers, along with Little Lakes Memories provided fishing opportunities for Tomahawk kids.They caught some nice trout and had a great time
506/26/2018Little Lakes recently donated to Project Lifesaver