Little Lakes Memories, Inc

Non-Profit Organization Providing Lodging, Recreation, Hunting to Physically Challenged Individuals


Staying at Little Lakes Memories Lodge Staying at Little Lakes Memories Lodge Staying at Little Lakes Memories Lodge


Creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Family and friends show support on the Veterans hunt.
Littlelakesmemories trys to serve kids, veterans, and families. All were honored when this family spent the weekend at the Lodge in Irma. They came from Ashland to Milwaukee and a granddaughter from Nashville , TN
Having been given the opportunity to get away from our daily life has been a blessing to our family. When we were invited to stay at your facility, we could not phantom with the idea of how great it would end up being. We are grateful for having been a part of this amazing experience. The cabin exceeded our expectations and the hospitality was far more than what we had dreamed. We are grateful for having been here and will definitely be back. God has been good to us and has taught us, and continues to teach us, to believe in Him. As hard as our journey has been the last few months, God continues to place amazing people in our path. May those that made this stay possible receive many blessings in return. May our testimony of this place allow for many family members and friends to be able to experience this peace and tranquility.
Well today starts the F3 whitetail hunt with Maddy Lang. This morning will be spent getting supplies, food, drinks, snacks, and hopefully celebratory steaks for after the hunt as well as making sure the stand and location are all prepped for Maddys needs and to keep her warm!! Hopefully in about 9 hours we’re on stand and waiting!! This is one example of where all the hard work throughout the year and everyone’s donations and generosity at the banquet goes towards!! Thank you all!!
Young guy with special needs discovers new fawn in woodpile while on respite visit with Littlelakesmemories
Being able to be independent with the Track Chair was something I haven't been able to do in a long time.
Thank you so much for giving our son Braedon the Hunt of a Lifetime. We had so much fun hunting and the cabin is awesome. The deck and watching the deer all night alone was a great experience for everyone. Again, Thank you so much for a great hunt for all us All.