Little Lakes Memories, Inc

Non-Profit Organization Providing Lodging, Recreation, Hunting to Physically Challenged Individuals


Little Lakes Memories is based in Irma, WI.  We are an off-shoot of Little Lakes Ranch and Lodge, a family owned hunting preserve and lodge that began operation in 2005.

While working with other private and non-profit organizations, we host outdoor experiences for people with disabilities in Central and North Central Wisconsin.   We consider these adventures a privilege, having met many deserving people who would have otherwise been unable to create their own, successful life-time memories.


Recently, Little Lakes Memories, INC, a 501-C-3 non-profit corporation was created to further pursue (serving) people with disabilities.  LLM has secured a low cost lease with the owners of Little Lakes Ranch granting the hunting rights on the preserve to LLM.  Additionally, a lease providing periods of respite and relief to individuals and their families/caregivers in need of non-hunting “time-out” has been secured with the owners of Little Lakes Lodge.  As such, we will now be able to provide year round services, both hunting and non-hunting, to people who would otherwise be unable to experience what Little Lakes Ranch and Lodge has to offer.

The officers and Board Members of LLM are all un-paid volunteers with the goal of providing life-time memories for as many families as possible.  We will gladly continue to work with other organizations that wish to partner with us in pursuit of these memories.