Little Lakes Memories, Inc

Non-Profit Organization Providing Lodging, Recreation, Hunting to Physically Challenged Individuals


Owen went from getting his buck.... To having the confidence to join the wrestling team. Thank you for all that you do.
August 9, 2015. Having been given the opportunity to get away from our daily life has been a blessing to our family. When we were invited to stay at your facility, we could not phantom with the idea of how great it would end up being. We are grateful for having been a part of this amazing experience. The cabin exceeded our expectations and the hospitality was far more than what we had dreamed. We are grateful for having been here and will definitely be back. God has been good to us and has taught us, and continues to teach us, to believe in Him. As hard as our journey has been the last few months, God continues to place amazing people in our path. May those that made this stay possible receive many blessings in return. May our testimony of this place allow for many family members and friends to be able to experience this peace and tranquility
Little Lakes is a great place to get away to spend time with family and friends The Lodge is very spacious, comfortable and can accommodate quite a group. We had an excellent time during our stay whether you are staying a week or even just a weekend. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery, a bonfire, and all the deer that will pass by to see what is going on. It is a place that you will comeback time and again. A big thank you to all the Little Lakes Memories personal that make all this possible. Matt and Bonnie Cortright
Back in September my mom was in Tomahawk, Wi for the Fall Ride. She brought back a brochure about a non-profit organization called Little Lakes Memories Inc. This organization helps people with disabilities to be able to hunt in a safe and accessible hunting preserve, at no cost. I had already planned on blogging about accessible hunting, so this was truly a great find!
Like I said earlier, the lodge is two stories. A ramp takes you to a large deck that overlooks the preserve. The sliding glass door is wide enough for my chair to comfortably fit through. The lower level has its own entrance. I was not able to check out the lower level because of construction, but my mom checked it out and took pictures. The main level has a fireplace, large living room and kitchen. There are bedrooms in the loft area. The lodge reminds me so much of my Cousin Rita’s house with the handmade freshness of the wood, and the calm, quiet nature. I’m not much of an outdoorsman, however, I instantly felt relaxed as we settled down to talk with Dick. I think it was the combination of the surrounding and the company, as Dick is one of those warm, friendly people who instantly make you feel at home
I wish I had the right words in this moment to thank you properly. For opening your home, your property, and your life to us as complete strangers. That says something pretty grand about your hearts. Thank you!! Raymond had a once in a lifetime experience complete with bragging rights. Not only that but he deer will help feed our family thru the winter I wish Raymond were verbal so he could share his joy with all of us. What a bright and beautiful gift this weekend has been for a little boy who has many hardships in the world. God bless you!!
Thank you so much for giving our son Braedon the Hunt of a Lifetime. We had so much fun hunting and the cabin is awesome. The deck and watching the deer all night alone was a great experience for everyone. Again, Thank you so much for a great hunt for all us All. Tim & Theresa, Colton and Buckhunter - Braedon Mielke Braedon is 8 years old, he loves playing with his legos or playing with his trucks & 4-wheel toys. His favorite TV shows are Paw Patrol & Scooby-Doo. He has a great sense of humor & loves to make people laugh, which is easy to do with his infectious laugh. He also has a degenerative genetic condition that affects many systems in his body, including his eye-sight and hearing. He loves this opportunity to get a big buck and go hunting like his Dad and Brother. Thank You. Note - At the present time Braedon's condition is not cureable and unless there is a miracle of some sort, Braedon will be blind within two years. Let's all pray for a miracle
Little Lakes Memories, I wanted to say thank you for giving me this wonderful experience. Being able to come out here and shoot my first buck with my gun was absolutely amazing. Being able to be independent with the Track Chair was something I haven't been able to do in a long time. You guys letting me and my family come out here and use your "Lodge" is incredible. I also want to thank Steve for putting up with my snoring in the ground blind! I hope we keep in touch and that you guys keep doing this amazing thing for people like me. Thank you again and hope to here from you soon
Four years ago July 8th, 2012 is a day I will never forget.  My son Dom had a heat stroke while driving home from vacation.  His car hit a farmers culvert and started to roll over. At some point he was ejected from the vehicle.  My little boy was told days later he would never walk again.  This news was heart wrenching as he was a very athletic teenager.  Sports was his life.  Football to be exact.  He was supposed to go to Florida State after service year.  I watched a part of my son die that day.  A part of his shiny star went so dim that the darkness almost consumed him.  I look at my son today, he looks the same, sounds the same, but he is so very different.  During times like this you find out in life who has the strength in love to see past his chair and still love and care.  Over these past years we have watched loved ones walk away, loved ones not sure how to cope and new loved ones come in and open their lives to him, us!  These loved ones who have stayed and care have brought back a new light in Dom!  A light that has him wanting more than I ever thought I would see again after that Day!  Again, how does a Mom say thank you to them for support, caring, love, kindness?  How does she?  Words cannot fully say what she feels in her heart!  Words cannot give the emotion that she is feeling!  Please know that this is an amazing journey in life!  And I am so thankful for the path we are on and the people that we have met along the way helping us .God really has blessed us in a way no one can have understanding that sets out on a path.  Sometimes they are not a path one would ever beg to walk/roll down.  But it is still our path.  But God does give you amazing people to help you through your journey  Our journey is really just beginning. Thank you so very much for the weekend that was truly unforgetable.  I was able to see my son experience stuff he has been unable to do.  This weekend has been a journey I will never forget.  My son shot his first Buck!  As a family who hunts - to see him succeed in that is amazing and to witness him do it.  Amazing doesn't explain enough.  But my best memory this weekend was this morning (our last day here.)  My son went on his first solo roll through the woods (with the Track Chair) by himself!  This very first moment of peace with no one around this time with nature and God!  Thank you for that first!!! You are all amazing people!!!  Thank you for a weekend of firsts we will never forget!!!  Truly Amazing!!! 
Three days of rest, relaxation, games, good talks & recreation.... combine that with a family that's busting at the seams - we needed a place like this! We’re grateful for a place to come together and "be". It was such a blessing to be under one roof, starting and ending our days together. This home is not only beautiful, it's provisional - allowing quality family time with lots of laughter & love. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity