Little Lakes Memories, Inc

Non-Profit Organization Providing Lodging, Recreation, Hunting to Physically Challenged Individuals


      Team effort helps disabled hunter take bear at Little Lakes Memories Josh Starosta has dealt with Cerebral Palsey all his life and is quadriplegic. One of his lifelong goals has been to harvest a bear. This recently came true due to a harvest tag being transferred to him by Sue Nowak, of Kronenwetter, who is the wife of a Little Lakes Memories Board member. Little Lakes Memories is a non-profit organization based in Irma and the organization provided some specialized equipment for Josh to us and provided lodging for him and his dad, Rick, who live in Neenah, to stay and relax at during the memorable hunt. Mark Loka, of Tomahawk, and his family did the heavy lifting that allowed the hunt to be successful to include a place to hunt, an appropriate blind in the right location and all the baiting leading up to the hunt. M. Loka also sat with Josh and his dad during the hunt. Josh hunted over a period of eight days, and according to his dad, spent 41 hours in the blind before the chance to harvest the bear. When the chance came, Josh was able to succeed by using specialized equipment that allowed the rifle to be sighted on an LCD screen and the trigger to be pulled by sucking on a plastic tube. The successful young hunter is now referred to by his father as “One-Shot Josh.” Both father and son were “excited” to say the least when Josh was able to fulfill his dream. As part of his experience, Little Lakes Memories will combine with Headhunter Taxidermy of Merrill to supply Josh with a mount of his trophy. While working with other private and non-profit organizations, Little Lakes host outdoor experiences for people with disabilities in central and north central Wisconsin